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We stop at nothing short of perfection to give you the best of the best!
OUR MOTTO is to provide services better than the best by our expertise and excellence.

Corporate Event

We are proficient in organizing Corporate Events in Delhi and NCR. We operate according to the requirements of the clients. We ensure taking all the details about the event from the clients so that the arrangements could be made according to the specific requirements. We provide meetings a luxurious experience a level of comfort and convenience like no other. Our Event Services in Delhi and NCR have been admired by the clients for the high precision maintained by us. All the venues provided by us come with advanced facilities, modern audio visual technology, high speed WIFI with the world- class hospitality. We undertake all the tasks effectively and complete it professionally. The complete process of event planning and organizing is done by our skilled professionals so as to derive accurate and best results for the clients. We work on every aspect that makes a corporate event a huge success.

Types of Corporate Events

  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • A seminar and half day event
  • Awards and Competitions
  • Workshops and classes
  • Exhibitions
  • Company Theme parties and festivities
  • Sponsorships

Wedding Planning

Grand host is known for creating unique celebrations that represents each couple. We turn your vision into reality. We will work very closely with you to understand your vision, your thoughts, your dreams and your desires. We will be dedicated in creating your event a huge success and put your wedding on an entirely different level. As a wedding planner, we work in a very detailed fashion with our clients. Therefore when we begin, We set the planning schedules in three parts. The first comprehensive planning meeting to set you on schedule, a mid-meeting and a finalize consultation. We prefer to have more meetings rather than less for the preparation of any wedding event. It is a very fun process of working and we take our time with each meeting; designing as we go along. Every meeting we hold brings us closer to finalizing. We invite you to enjoy reading through our plans and ideas. When we make an appointment to meet, we will be happy to help you select the ideas that are perfect for you and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.

Types of Wedding Ceremonies

  • Pre wedding rituals and ceremonies
  • Grand Wedding Day
  • Post Wedding ceremonies

Social Events

  • Birthday’s and Anniversary’s
  • Baby Shower
  • Family Reunions
  • Holiday Parties
  • Seasonal Events (Festivals)

Event Planning

Logistic Grand Host

Basically, you’re wedding and social event needs game plans. We figure out the visas, travel, transport and hire a travel agency if needed. This lays the groundwork for us to build your wedding and social event on.

Décor Management Grand Host

We have the experienced décor and theme designer; we will assist you in picking the right decoration to convert all your visuals into reality with the perfect mix of being personalized as well as gorgeous!

Music & Entertainment Grand Host

Illustrious names or hidden gems - we present you with the full spectrum! So whether it’s a top DJ for a party that dances into the next day, live music to serenade your guests with or an emcee that has you laughing all night, we’ve got you covered. Your kind of fun. Global or local - we help you choose entertainment artists from near and far.

Hospitality & Guest Management Grand Host

Guest lists, hotel bookings, amenities, any special requests and anything your guests might need; more things you can forget about, because we’ll sure remember them. We’ll even craft and send them RSVPs, reminders and any necessary information to keep them involved.

Food & Beverage Grand Host

Let your taste buds travel the globe, or find comfort in your favorite food close to home. We assist you curate the menu of your dreams. We’ll find you the perfect caterer and Bartending Company and promise everything will be as smooth as the tequila you choose. Added incentive - we are true blue foodies ourselves!

Invitation & Gifting Grand Host

We will help you conceptualize your wedding invites, favors and gifts; things you would be excited to send out. We will then find the perfect people to create them for you.

Destination & Venues Grand Host

We’ll assist you find the places that match your vibe and bring your vision to life in that destination. Whether it’s in your city or outside of it, point us to it. Then get a drink, let us liaison with them. All you have to do is show up and enjoy your dream.

Vendor Management Grand Host

Photographers, videographers, choreographers, stylists, costume designer and makeup artists. We will put you in touch with them and co-ordinate everything for each function of yours.

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